October 17, 2008

What a week

Hi all. Have you ever had a week that you wish never happened. That was my week. First hubby went out of town last weekend. Then I slammed my right hand thumb (yes, I am right handed) in my car door on Sat. My thumb swelled and swelled until I could not handle the pain and had to go to the doctor on Tuesday. I have been unable to type properly until today. Next I still had to do some homework for my classes that was due on Sunday . Needless to say it took a while, only typing with my left hand. Monday was spend on the phone attempting to track down and get a hold of the Dean of my school with no luck. Tuesday was the doctor and attempting to pay the house taxes - fun fun. Wednesday was a lot better. The Phillies are the National League Champs and they are on there way to the World Series. Yesterday was a halfway better day. Just working on school. As of today I still have not heard back from the Dean of my school to set up a time to review the subject matter of my 80 pg research project I have to complete in order to receive my Masters degree. Oh yeah, hubby is off of school for this week. It is his break between the semesters and he is doing nothing but complicating my routine.

Maybe next week will be better. You can always hope. Now I have to attempt to work on the 80 pg paper again. Wish me luck :)

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